We are OrangeTub, a creative studio specialized in top quality web design, graphic design and branding solutions. Our home is Ocean Beach in beautiful San Diego, California and that makes us one happy bunch. We aim high, we think big, we work hard and we love what we do!

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Identity & Branding

Your business needs a good look and feel so it can face the world and make a great impression! From a simple logo to a complete marketing campaign, we can help your brand arise, promote it, or give it a well needed face lift. Here at OrangeTub, we understand your brand’s needs and we love to tackle them all! Go ahead, try us out today!

Web development & SEO

A website is essential for a business, we know that, but here at OrangeTub we love to think that a website deserves to be so much more! We design and produce efficient websites that work for you! Plus, our SEO services will make sure your site ranks high on web results, after all, who has the time to look at the web results second page? Really.


Expose your brand with this popular form of advertising but don’t stop there, pitch a new idea with an animated info-graph, create entertaining educational clips or speak your mind and upload for the whole world to see! We provide animation, writing, storyboards, character creation, 3D design plus development and so much more!

Video Editing

Our video editing experience ranges from simple fun clips to full feature movies. Animation, music, live action, we’ll take it all! Featuring the latest in editing tools and software, we guarantee a flawless and professional product making your project look the way it should look: perfect!

Custom Design

We have said we’re not afraid to take on any project, sure, but are we ready to take on any client? Yes! OrangeTub understands clients are creative and their ideas count, but don’t take our word for it, just show us that napkin scribble of yours and watch us make your idea a reality!

Creative Development

OrangeTub is a humble team, really, but when it comes to creative development we like to admit we are pretty good at it. With daily “round table” think tanks, our ideas flow like spring water! Want to challenge us on this one? Good! Feel free to drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you!

Mockup Design

Do you have a logo or graphic and want to see what it looks like on a t-shirt, or a bus, or an airplane? Our mockup designs can help you visualize your next project. From simple mockups for apparel and accessories to large scale mockups such as event layout planning and vehicle vinyl wrapping, we can do it!

Printing Services

OrangeTub offers a wide variety of printing services to offer to our customers. Banners, brochures and flyers, business cards, invitations, letterheads and envelopes, pocket folders, postcards, posters, signs, stickers, labels… The list keeps going so better let us know what you need and we’ll take care of it for you!

Trial Exhibits

Is your firm looking for professional and sharp presentations? Trial graphics are an essential tool for any legal case. From simple graphics like timelines, maps and charts, to more advanced presentations including 3D design and animation for accident scenes, internal body injuries and more. Please contact us for more info.


These are some of the latest. Our websites are smart, productive and look great on any device. We also take care of them for you! Click to visit.


Event setups can be tricky but you can have every last detail in visual form before construction even begins. With precise measurements and beautiful renderings, our 3D layouts make it easy to plan ahead and cut your event setup’s construction time and cost.


Animation is an effective and creative way to promote your brand, product or idea. From simple 2D animation to complex 3D and CGI, we’ve got you covered.


Branding is our thing and we love it! That’s why logos make us smile. Click and check out some of the latest creations by our awesome team.

Such a cool talented team! Their ideas and designs brought our brand to a new level, we are truly happy to have chosen OrangeTub as our branding agency, thanks guys!

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Thank you OrangeTub for helping us with our awesome look. As a national brand, we recognize good work when we see it!


OrangeTub creative studios has done a great job with our branding. Funny and professional! I highly recommend!

Altieri Law


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